Why Lucifer Zero?

Let’s work backwards. I went with zero because I’m a nobody – and maybe even less than that in the hyper-aggressive, over-macho, alpha-male-dominated world that we’re likely to find in Trump’s America. That’s not me. Never has been.

As for the lucifer part… well.

There’s this quote that I’ve always remembered: “Lucifer was an angel.” By which I take to mean that even good people might have monsters chained down inside of them. A horrifying thought, I’m sure… but at the same time, I’ve always found it oddly comforting. I suppose there’s a part of me that likes the idea that maybe all us good, decent, boring people – the ones who pay our taxes and follow the rules; the ones Trump and his ilk look down upon as suckers and weaklings – maybe we, too, are capable of great and terrible things, when push comes to shove. Things that would make even the most ruthless and belligerent of alpha males flee for his life, pale and trembling.

As I write these words, America is about to head down a dark path. A well-placed minority of our citizens, bolstered by years of gerrymandering and irrational thinking, have seen it fit to put a vain, power-hungry narcissist in power and give his party full control of the government. Hate crimes are on the rise. The country seems poised to reject every value that I grew up with – tolerance, charity, compassion, and a belief in a better future for all humanity.

Perhaps it’s finally time, then, to show the world what we’re made of. And what we’ve been holding back this entire time… for better or for worse.