Reflections on the First Week

Back during the election, I can remember quite a number of Trump voters who seemed to believe that their candidate wouldn’t actually do any of the things he was talking about. That of course he wasn’t really going to build a wall, he just meant he was going to do something about illegal immigration. And of course he wasn’t going to discriminate against Muslims or other minorities – I mean, it’s not like Congress or the courts wouldn’t stop him from going that far, right?

The last week or so seems to have put the lie to that. I can’t help but notice that those individuals seem to be conspicuously absent from the conversation. Which means either two things – either they fooled themselves into thinking Trump wasn’t serious, and are shocked and disappointed. Or they are quietly satisfied, since they knew exactly what they were voting for the entire time, and they were deliberately lying to the rest of us in the hopes that we’d let down our guards.

Don’t forget. Nor forgive.


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