The Tweeter in Chief

Say what you will about Trump, but one must give him this much: he has managed to mobilize social media (and Twitter in particular) in a way that not even Obama managed. I’ve always figured that humanity has slowly been evolving into a hive mind through technology, out of collective loneliness if nothing else. Perhaps Trump’s unfiltered ramblings is just another step in that direction. The first Hive Queen.

Replicating that success from the other side of the aisle won’t be easy. Unfortunately, a number of concepts common to liberal thinkers tend to be much more complex than 140 characters might allow. To succeed, we may require a new kind of language. New terminology that’s somehow easily accessible to outsiders. Not an easy thing to accomplish, though we have seen terms like “gaslighting” recently hit the mainstream. Just something to keep in mind as we move forward, I suppose.


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