Why Going After Trump’s Family Isn’t Worth It

Thus far, we’ve seen Trump’s daughter lectured by someone on an airplane, rumors being spread about his youngest son being autistic, and (if it wasn’t faked), some idiot holding a “Rape Melania” sign at a protest back in November. I understand that people are upset. I understand that, after years of static being thrown at President Obama’s family, some see this as an opportunity to respond in kind.

To all those considering attacking the President-elect’s family (verbally or physically), I have one simple, practical question:

What makes you so sure Trump actually cares about his family?

I suspect that Trump is a clinical narcissist. If that’s the case and the pattern holds, he doesn’t actually love or value his family the way that most of us do. To him, they’re merely an extension of himself – carefully-crafted props he uses to maintain the image he wishes to show the world. In the case of Melania, I expect he sees her less as a partner and more as a sort of expensive trophy. His children are useful employees at best – extensions of his will to whom he might delegate grunt work as necessary. I suspect that, to this day, he keeps a tight reign on their activities and appearance. Any deviance or attempt to establish a separate identity for themselves is quickly punished. Their worth to him is based entirely on how well they serve him and how much he judges them to resemble himself. Take one of them away, and you’ve merely denied him a useful tool or toy. That’s it.

(Not that this will stop him from playing the angry or bereaved spouse/father role for all that it’s worth, of course. That said, I doubt the loss would slow him down much.)

And there you have it. As far as I’m concerned, going after the family in any way, shape or form is a complete waste of effort. Better to spend your energy on the man himself. It’s not like there’s any shortage of material there. And for anyone out there intent on avenging themselves on any available target, consider this: every single one of the children has had to grow up with Donald Trump as a father. After that, I suspect anything that one might do to them will seem like a mercy by comparison.


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