Staying Anonymous in the Age of Trump

Perhaps it’s too soon to be worrying about this, but I’ve started to take precautions against possible surveillance efforts. The idea of the full power of the NSA in the hands of a vain and (by all accounts) infamously petty man is… concerning, to say the least. I’m fairly new to the fields of security and digital cryptography, so take everything I say here with a grain of salt. All the same, there are two potential safeguards I would advise any would-be activists to download as soon as possible:

  • Tor Browser. Perhaps the backbone of the darknet, Tor Browser (a variant of Firefox) routes Internet traffic through a network of interlinked relays. It’s how I plan to maintain my anonymity while running this site. I would suggest anyone intending to comment here do the same. You can download the browser and find installation instructions at the following link:

  • Signal Private Messenger. There’s a number of secure text messaging services out there, but from what I can tell from my research, this one appears to be the most well-regarded among security professionals. It’s currently available via both the App Store and Google Play. Its one weakness is that it requires access to a centralized service, which can potentially be blocked or shut down on a country-by-country basis. Nonetheless, for the moment, it appears to be the best end-to-end-encryption option available.

Clear lines of private communication are a must for any individual or organization intending to take action against the administration in whatever form. I highly advise that you consider such options now – before Trump and his allies have a chance to sit down and figure out how to use their new toys.


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